Friday, November 16, 2012

daddy's girl she is

on monday we went to visit my aunt and cousins in the bay area. it was so great to visit them; if only we could do it more often! it is so much fun to see my cousins, ages 8-17, play with M and love her. i was 8 when Sam was born and i love them all so much. all 4 of them i must add. which is crazy. ive said that before too-4 kids is nuts!

during our visit my aunt took our family photos and i love every single picture! i am having a hard time just picking one for our photo wall in our house...hmmm. i may just have to pick more. my aunt took our engagement photos years ago, my maternity photos last fall and now our family of three photos! its so nice to have a photographer you are comfortable with and who you trust to take great pictures.

we also went to ikea. best. store. ever. it was the boss's first trip to ikea and i think he had a fabulous time wandering the warehouse and checking out kitchen ideas. when we got home he had a bunch of wonderful ideas to remodel our kitchen. but, unfortunately, that takes $ from the $ tree we don't have. oh well!

looking forward to this next week, making my lists, and hoping praying wishing i don't lose my mind with the craziness that is about to ensue our family. baby girl is not feeling well, we have 5 dinners (not all thanksgiving related, thank goodness) doctors appointments and family visiting. wish us luck!

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  1. Such a beautiful family you have Kelli. I am so excited for Mila's upcoming birthday!