Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brushing up on some skills

Well, here I am all graduated and getting married in 7 weeks. Yes, we are down to counting weeks!!! No more months! AH! We couldn't be more excited with all the wedding events coming up in the next few weeks-time is going to fly. With all this free time on my hands, I can't help but feel bored. Bored. Ugh. I don't like using the word but there it school, I don't want to get on the computer, the only thing I can think of is shopping lol. And I can't do that either. So....what to do. What to do. Welp, I've come to the idea of practicing being a better friend...person in general. Getting all wrapped up in the process of school and all that comes with life, I think we forget that being a good friend to our friends and our family members is of utmost importance.

I received a phone call the other evening, I am glad you called :), that really made me wonder what a family, and friends, are for. I feel that I am a genuine friend who will treat others like I want to be treated. And of course I have my faults and have made mistakes in friendships-I am not blind to that whatsoever. Family is simply that; FAMILY. This situation has made me realize that no, not everyone can be someone to vent to or ask for advice from (a bit disappointing). And that is OK. I hope that I can be a great friend to YOU. Anyone who reads this. And if I'm not, just call me. I am perfectly fine talking to you about anything. Along with finishing up my wedding plans, my goal is to fix up my friendship skills this summer...and for a life time.

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