Friday, November 13, 2009

Life as I know it.

Life. Right now, it's hectic. Graduating and planning a wedding-at the same time. I have the kindest, most loving fiance and I love him with all of my heart. Being in-between jobs is possibly the worst place to be when you are 25, well any age I'd imagine, and just starting a life together. There are so many things we want to do yet do not need to do and so many things that are imperative to live. From the small things to the big, everyday there is a new struggle that we will face together. When did life force me to grow up? :)

I've been struggling with the kind of friends I want and need in my life. I have wonderful friends and love each of them. We all have the friend we are so comfortable with that you say something thinking nothing of it and before you know it you are feeling like absolute crap and wondering what happened. At least once every few months this absolute crap feeling creeps in. She is not afraid to tell me what I am doing or that what I said (text) was lame. Generally an apology comes soon after but this time it didn't... I HATE text messaging. I think I may block it from my phone. Phone calls leave no room, well hardly any if they do, for that wonder... Did she mean to be rude? Or am I taking it the wrong way? Which is usually what happens. Things got taken way out of context and now I am in a position I hoped to never be in.



  1. i commented a few days ago and i'm just now seeing it didn't work... this is a test.


  2. i'm waiting for another one... ;)